Cinco cuentos lidios CD

five  lydian  tales

One day, we were having dinner at home and talking about music. We agreed that we don't like most so-called contemporary or avant-garde music and that repeating recordings about Chopin or Schubert was a bit futile... These things that most musicians and music lovers comment on with a wine and that, normally, are not played in public for an endless number of reasons that are not relevant at this moment.

He was Miguel Baselga, a very well-known pianist, and I, a little composer who had dedicated his life to making all kinds of commissions for TV, radio, advertising, cinema, record labels... I dared to suggest to him that I could make him a piece for solo piano. He didn't laugh, which I thanked him very much for. It is true that I was playing with a small advantage: I knew I had listened to my first album "The dance of the swifts" and carried it in the glove compartment of his car. He liked it. 

He said, "You write the first piece and if I don't like it, that's the end of the project.


I accepted it, of course. I had nothing to lose. So I spent a couple of weeks thinking about what to do. Something at his level, something he liked, without giving up my music, the one I would like to listen to and can't find, the one that begins and you can't abandon because it heals the soul a little.


Thus was born "Five lydian tales" for piano solo. They opened and closed with the scent of the landscapes of my childhood on the outskirts of Vigo .

"Manuel Comesaña, Cinco Cuentos Lidios, pianist Miguel Baselgaagmusica . Original and recent album that shows the mastery of one of the most interesting composers of the current panorama. Miguel Baselga's performance is as impeccable as it is inspired."   
 Juan José Silguero CODALARIO

"A little jewel of the 21st century piano."
Luis Suarez